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3 - 3 hour Photography Workshops

101 – Automatic to Artistic

201 – Admired to Professional

301 – Thinking Outside The Box

 I like meeting new students, learning what type of photography they want to improve, and helping them achieve their objectives. 
My classes are dedicated to helping you use your current camera, or any camera, to capture more creative and admired photos in a fun and easy to understand way.  You'll enjoy learning how to take better photos of your kids running around, playing sports, or just being themselves.  You'll learn how to take better photos while on vacation, landscape, flowers, and the fabulous memories that you want to capture, share and preserve.

All three levels of classes
are available in Group, Semi-Private or Private sessions. Classes are designed to help you improve your photography, with a better understanding of your camera, to the level you want to achieve. Private classes are dedicated specifically to your camera and to your photography needs.

101 - Basic "Automatic to Artistic" Overview    
Learn How To: 

    • Use your camera’s “other settings” to capture more than “Point and Shoot” photos
    • Freeze action and stop getting blurry photos
      • Set your camera to stop subject at any speed
      • Photograph kids playing various sports or just running around having fun
      • Stop water to capture droplets or flowing into a silky stream of beauty
    • Use the “Exposure Triangle”, what it is and how to control it to capture stunning photos
    • Work with your cameras capabilities and understand it’s limitations
    • Select the sweet spot of your cameras lens to capture the sharpest photos
    • Adjust your camera for various difficult lighting conditions
    • Blur background artistically, while keeping the subject in focus
      • Create custom portrait photos
      • Capture the beauty of any subject with artistic blur of the background
    • Photograph all subjects with a window or heavy back-light
      • Capture subjects with or without a silhouette effect
    • Select settings that will enhance your subject
    • Use your camera’s lens and what the numbers on it mean
    • Choose an alternate lens dedicated to your desired photo results
    • Become the most important part of photography
    • Utilize the proper “Shooting Sequence” for all photography
    • Choose software for editing and the reason
    • Capture memorable images that will last a lifetime
201- Advanced "Admired to Professional" Overview
Learn How To:

  • Enhance your photos before you take the photo
  • Adjust your focus settings for creative photography of all subjects
  • Use your camera’s shutter speed priority for various action photos
  • Choose JPEG or RAW, what they mean and why to use either
  • Understand dynamic range, and how it helps you to improve your photos
  • Create photos with a pleasing “Bokeh” vs a “Blurry” mess behind your subject
  • Capture the sharpest images
  • Select the proper “White Balance” settings to
  • Use advanced settings in your camera that the pros don’t want you to know about
  • improve your photos
  • Control manual “AEL” (auto exposure lock) to enhance your photos
  • Set your camera’s “Exposure Metering” to emphasize various subjects
  • Utilize various “Exposure Compensation” settings for various lighting conditions
  • Set your camera’s “AEB” (auto exposure bracketing) and the why and why not
  • Edit in your camera and in your computer
  • Use a polarizing filter to enhance your photos, why and when
  • Create photos that are art, versus simple photos
  • Compose your photos for various reasons
  • Set your camera to shoot in monochrome (black & white), when and why
301- Thinking Outside The Box (Creative) Overview
Learn How To:

    • Create wonderful images by learning how to think outside the box
    • Play the imagination game
    • Utilize some or all of the settings you have learned in the 101 and 201 classes
    • Choose the optional picture styles within your camera’s settings, when and why
    • Select the optional custom function settings within your camera’s settings, when and why
    • Set your lens optimization to gain needed field of focus
    • Lock up your mirror, when and why
    • Use RAW photos, what they are, when to use them and why
    • Create HDR images, what they are and when and why you should consider creating them
    • Use inexpensive lighting options to create wonderful images
    • Make a photo into a work of creative art
    • Understand various composition techniques for professional photos
    • Edit in the camera first, and in your computer editing program second, and why

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