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We now have over 1600 student,
members who are enjoying photography more
and receive special member benefits.

                    I like meeting new students, learning what type of photography they want to improve,
                   and helping them achieve their objectives. 
My classes are dedicated
to helping you use your current camera to capture more creative
and admired photos in a fun and easy to understand way.  You'll enjoy learning how to take better photos of your kids
running around, playing sporst, or just being themselves.  You'll learn how to take better photos while on vacation,
landscape, flowers, and the fabulous memories that you want to capture, share and preserve.
      101 - Basic Photography Made Easy Overview      
  • Learn how to use your "Aperture Priority" for Creative Photos
  • Stop or Freeze Action for sports and other blur causing activities
  • Capture better landscape photos with dynamic Depth of Field
  • Learn how to control you ISO to improve your low light photos
  • Get sharper more creative photos by using various focus controls 
  • We'll discuss many other basic photography elements as well
All three levels of classes are available in Group, Semi-Private or Private sessions. Classes are designed to help you improve your photography, with a better understanding of your camera, to the level you want to achieve. Advanced Private classes are dedicated specifically to your photography needs and your camera.

201- Advance Photography Made Easy Overview
  • Learn how to use your "Exposure Compensation" for Professional Photos
  • Capture the proper exposure off your subject with "Exposure Metering Options"
  • All light has color and you will learn how to properly set your "White Balance" to capture true color images
  • We will review the "Elements of Good Photography" and various Composition Techniques
  • Learn why your camera lenses have "Sweet Spots" for sharper photos
You can be an Admired Photographer!
My  classes are geared to help you understand exposure, and that knowledge can dramatically improve the quality of your digital photos.  The foundation for better photography is to master exposure.  You will learn the secrets of the pros.  They aren't really secrets, but they might as well be.  Most photographers don't do the simple things the pros do that make the difference between boring snapshots and bold images.  I'll show you how to use the manual settings to capture better photos and lasting memories.

301- Plus/Creative Photography Made Easy Overview
  • Learn how selecting the proper "Picture Style" settings produce dynamic results
  • Most DSLR cameras have "Custom Function" settings to help you customize your photos
  • Lenses, lenses, lenses, you can improve your photos by Optimizing your lens knowledge
  • Learn what "Mirror Lockup" can do to improve your photos
  • RAW files or not, learn when, why and how to take advantage of this dynamic tool
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range), why and how to incorporate this professional tool

  • Learn how, when and why to think and shoot creatively
  • You'll spend time in the workshop how to use a variety of "Lighting Options"
  • Photography is not just taking photos, it's an ART, learn how to create "PhotoArt"
  • We will review the "Elements of Good Photography" and various Composition Techniques
  • Learn more about various post editing programs to help you illustrate your photos in unique manners
These classes are In-depth studying and practicing professional features in your camera and various proven and professional techniques to help you maximize your cameras capabilities as well as your photographic skills.

 Do you know a family member or friend that loves photography but could use a few pointers on
how to dramatically improve their photography?  You can help them by purchasing one, two or all classes with your
special Members Only pricing.  I will send you a personalized "Gift Certificate" to give them for any special occasion.

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