Learn How To: 

  • Use your camera’s “other settings” to capture more than “Point and Shoot” photos
  • Freeze action and stop getting blurry photos
  • Set your camera to stop subject at any speed
  • Photograph kids playing various sports or just running around having fun
  • Stop water to capture droplets or flowing into a silky stream of beauty
  • Use the “Exposure Triangle”, what it is and how to control it to capture stunning photos
  • Work with your cameras capabilities and understand it’s limitations
  • Select the sweet spot of your cameras lens to capture the sharpest photos
  • Adjust your camera for various difficult lighting conditions
  • Blur background artistically, while keeping the subject in focus
  • Create custom portrait photos
  • Capture the beauty of any subject with artistic blur of the background
  • Photograph all subjects with a window or heavy back-light
  • Capture subjects with or without a silhouette effect
  • Select settings that will enhance your subject
  • Use your camera’s lens and what the numbers on it mean
  • Choose an alternate lens dedicated to your desired photo results
  • Become the most important part of photography
  • Utilize the proper “Shooting Sequence” for all photography
  • Choose software for editing and the reason
  • Capture memorable images that will last a lifetime

offering various Photography workshop Sessions

Non-Club SnapShot price $150 per class

Club SnapShot member price $49 per class

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101 - Basic Class "Automatic to Artistic"

3 hours

I am dedicated to helping you take fun, creative photos with YOUR digital camera. You'll receive a simple to understand explanation that will help you to enjoy your camera more than ever before.  I'll help you take optimal photos on the automatic as well as Creative settings. I'll teach you why using the proper settings will improve your photos. We'll take photos and discuss how to improve Framing, Focusing, and Lighting options and methods to create wonderful looking photos that will surely impress your friends and family.

This 3 hour class includes an hour of practice and optional review. 
Your camera should have Aperture control ability.