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201 - Advanced "Admired to Professional"

Learn what the Pros don't want you to know

Students taking this class should know what the "Exposure Triangle" is, how it works and how to use the aperture control of their cameraYour camera needs to have an aperture control.

These classes are In-depth studying and practicing of various focus, framing and lighting features in your camera and various proven and professional techniques to help you maximize your cameras capabilities as well as your creative skills.

Learn How To:

  • Enhance your photos before you take the photo

  • Adjust your focus settings for creative photography of all subjects

  • Use your camera’s shutter speed priority for various action photos

  • Choose JPEG or RAW, what they mean and why to use either

  • Understand dynamic range, and how it helps you to improve your photos

  • Create photos with a pleasing “Bokeh” vs a “Blurry” mess behind your subject

  • Capture the sharpest images

  • Select the proper “White Balance” settings to

  • Use advanced settings in your camera that the pros don’t want you to know about

  • improve your photos

  • Control manual “AEL” (auto exposure lock) to enhance your photos

  • Set your camera’s “Exposure Metering” to emphasize various subjects

  • Utilize various “Exposure Compensation” settings for various lighting conditions

  • Set your camera’s “AEB” (auto exposure bracketing) and the why and why not

  • Edit in your camera and in your computer

  • Use a polarizing filter to enhance your photos, why and when

  • Create photos that are art, versus simple photos

  • Compose your photos for various reasons

  • Set your camera to shoot in monochrome (black & white), when and why