Photography Made Easy
Advanced Class
Learn what the Pros don't want you to know

Students taking this class should know what the "Exposure Triangle" is,
how it works and how to use various manual settings in their camera..
Camera with Aperture control ability required

  • Review of the "Exposure Triangle"
  • Review of the "Shot Sequence"
  • Explain White Balance Options
  • Auto Focus Mode Options
  • Auto Exposure Lock, Options
  • Exposure Metering, when and shy
  • Exposure Compensation, when and why
  • Exposure Bracketing or not
  • Back Lighting for effect
  • What makes Great Photos

These classes are In-depth studying and practicing of various focus, framing and
lighting features in your camera and various proven and professional techniques
to help you maximize your cameras capabilities as well as your creative skills.


  • * ADVANCED CAMERA CUSTOM SETTINGS and how to use to improve your photo
  • * HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BACK LIGHTING and not use the flash
  • * WHAT "Exposure Compensation" is and how to use it to create professional photos
  • *  What makes GREAT IMAGES different from others
  • *  Balance, what should be in FOCUS and/or not
  • *  How to challenge yourself to see beauty in everything, EVEN JUNK
  • *  How and when to use "AE LOCK" to improve your photos
  • *  POSITION yourself and how to SEE photographic opportunities

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