Photography Made Easy
Beginner DSLR Photography Class
3 hours

I am dedicated to helping you take fun, creative photos with YOUR digital camera.

You'll receive a simple to understand explanation that will help you to enjoy your
camera more than ever before. 


I'll help you take optimal photos on the automatic as well as Creative settings. 
I'll teach you why using the proper settings will improve your photos. 
We'll take photos and discuss how to improve Framing, Focusing,
and Lighting options and methods to create wonderful looking photos
that will surely impress your friends and family.

OUTLINE: This 3 hour Basic Class includes an hour of practice and review. 
Your camera should have Aperture control ability.

  • Introduction to Digital Photography
  • Getting off the Green/Automatic settings
  • Camera Capabilities & Limitations
  • Lens Capabilities & Limitations
  • Creative Camera Modes
  • Aperture Priority Setting
  • Stopping Action Options
  • Depth of Field/Focus Options
  • Practice and Review session (30 min)
  • ISO (Image Sensitivity Options)
  • Focus Controls
  • Shutter Speed Priority Setting
  • Practice and Review session (30 min)
  • Shot Sequence Method

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