Photography Made Easy
Plus/Creative Class

Learn what the Pros don't want you to know


Students taking this class should have an advanced knowledge of photography and
their cameras.  Our team has developed this next level course to help serious
photographers understand and use equipment to a higher level and improve their images.

  • Picture or Creative Camera Settings
  • C.fn Custom Functions
    Mirror Lock Up when and why
  • Live View when and why options
  • Lens optimizations and testing
  • Macro and Extension Tube options
  • Practice and review workshop
  • Polarizing and Neutral Density Filters explained
  • Understanding RAW files, conversion and the editing process
  • Improving your editing options
  • HDR, Blending and other Artistic Tools and Options
  • RAW files, when and how to process properly for the best results

This class requires a DSLR camera.  Students attending this class should have
attended the Basic and Advanced classes or have a strong understanding of
photography and knowledge of how to use the manual settings on their camera . 
An exam will be given at the end of the class and students who pass the exam
will be given a "Admired Photographer", Certificate of Accomplishment. 

These classes are In-depth studying and practicing professional features in your camera and
various proven and professional techniques to help you maximize your cameras capabilities
as well as your photographic skills.

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